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Nick Tylutki totaled over 2000 lb. at the USAPL Nationals! (photo courtesy Mike Lambert/PL USA)


Big Lifting at the IPA Worlds, USPF Nationals, USAPL Nationals and the APF Seniors - Ellen Chaillet gives us the inside scoop on the IPA Worlds, where lifting stars, like SHWs Donnie Thompson and Vlad Alhazov, moved incredible weight - Ted Isabella details the outstanding lifts made at the USPF Nationals, where records were broken and many new ones set - Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA shares his shots from the USAPL Nationals and gives us some insight into the awesome lifts that were made - Scott DePanfilis describes the sites of Chicago and the impressive attempts he witnessed at the APF Seniors; Optimal Pre-Workout Nutrition - Scott Mendelson of Infinity Fitness gives lifters strategies for rapid fat loss, muscle growth and optimal performance; Katherine Clark Interview - Ben Tatar; Startin' Out: Lifting Belts 101 - Doug Daniels; Big Evil's Lair: Basic BP Battle Plans - Jamie Harris; Power Forum: Drug Testing - Bob Gaynor; Hardcore Gym #100: OC Strength Club - Rick Brewer; Power Research: naNO Vapor Hardcore - Team MuscleTech; Power Nutrition for Power Vixens - Anthony Ricciuto; Judd's Corner: Tim McClellan Pt. 1 - Judd Biasiotto; IBP Tar Heel State Championships - Keith Payne; 100% Raw World Championships - Paul Bossi; Ask the Doctor - Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale; Power History: Meet from Hell Pt. 2 - Ron Fernando; All Time Top 50: Men 275 Deadlift - Michael Soong; All Time Top 50: Women SHW Deadlift - Michael Soong; Top 100 List: SHW class; Power People; Power Passings; Power Photo of the Month - David Scarborough