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Bob Gaynor pulling a record deadlift at the RAW United Mike Witmer Memorial Open (photo courtesy Spero Tshontikidis)


RAW United Mike Witmer Memorial Open - Spero Tshontikidis takes us inside the Mike Witmer Memorial Open, where Ryan Celli made an all-time record total of 1840 pounds in the 198 class and Bob Gaynor pulled an incredible all-time record 680 at 198; Original Westside: Training Template & Exercises - Ron Fernando gives insight into the training methods and equipment utilized by the original Westside Barbell crew; Optimal Post Workout Nutrition - Scott Mendelson of Infinity Fitness gives lifters strategies for rapid fat loss, muscle growth and recovery; Judd's Corner: Kea vs. Gant - Judd Biasiotto; Startin' Out: Training Meets - Doug Daniels; Bobby Myers Interview - Ben Tatar; Big Evil's Lair: Mind Tricks - Jamie Harris; Powerlifting Forum: The IPF Worlds - Bob Gaynor; Doc Holloway Interview - Larry Miller; Hardcore Gym #99: Speed Through Power - Rick Brewer; Westside Barbell: Programming & Organization - Louie Simmons; Power Nutrition Q & A - Anthony Ricciuto; APF South Carolina Battle of the Bad - Will Millman; Power Research: NOP-47 - Team MuscleTech; Goodson WABDL World Cup - Gus Rethwisch; Inner Strength, Inner Peace Excerpt - Tim McClellan; Ask the Doctor- Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale; All Time Top 50: Men 275 BP - Michael Soong; All Time Top 50: Women SHW BP - Michael Soong; Coming Events Top 100 List: 275 lb. class; Power Photo of the Month - Ted Arcidi