Powerlifting USA Magazine

JULY 2010


Big-pullin' lifter Patrick Holloway and Dr. Deadlift, aka. Dr. Greg Zweig (photos courtesy Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA)


Patrick Holloway - Patrick Holloway tells Paul Leonard how his 92.5% System has helped him make big gains in the weight room and how he has achieved his lifting goals by being a "student of the sport"; Mega Muscle Nutrition Program - Scott Mendelson of Infinity Fitness details a nutrition plan that will help lifters lose body fat and gain muscle ; Rehab/Prehab Pt. 3 - Deric Stockton writes about the importance of an Active Recovery Program and how it can help prevent and heal injuries; MHP's NO-Bomb - Steve Downs; Suzanne Schwanke Interview - Mike Westerdal; MHP Press Release - Steve Downs; Dr. Deadlift Profile - Dr. Greg Zweig; Powerlifting Forum - Bob Gaynor; Hardcore Gym #98: Extreme Ripped Fitness - Rick Brewer; Westside Barbell: A.J. Roberts - Louie Simmons; April Shumaker Interview - Bob Gaynor; Power Research: AtLarge's Results - AtLarge Nutrition; Startin Out: Leg Press - Doug Daniels; Power Research: Nano Vapor Hardcore - Team MuscleTech; MHP Clash of the Titans & Kings of the BP - Sean Katterle; Ask the Doctor- Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale; We Need Each Other - Judd Biasiotto; All Time Top 50: Men 275 SQ - Michael Soong; All Time Top 50: Women SHW SQ - Michael Soong; Power Nutrition - Anthony Ricciuto; Power History: Meets From Hell - Ron Fernando; Coming Events; In Memory of Robert O. Smith - Gus Rethwisch; Power Photo of the Month - Dean Whitney