Powerlifting USA Magazine

JUNE 2010


Master power Al Yearby (David Kharif photo), magnificent deadlifter Cheryl Anderson (PL USA photo) and amazing teen champ Jordan Dunn (Butch Dunn photo).


Top 20 Rankings - Powerlifting USA ranks the Top 20 for Teen, Women and Master lifters in the squat, bench press, deadlift and total; Ernie Frantz - Ron Fernando gets some face-time with the "irrepressible, controversial, still strong-as-hell at 75 years of age" Ernie Frantz; Rehab/Prehab Pt. 2 - Deric Stockton writes about the importance of an Active Recovery Program and how it can help prevent and heal injuries; Night of the Living Deadlift Challenge - Tom Eiseman; Arnold Strongman Classic - Steve Downs; MHP Press Release - Steve Downs; Startin Out: BP Variations - Doug Daniels; Hardcore Gym #97: W.A.R. House - Rick Brewer; Dr. Fred Hatfield Interview Pt. 2 - Judd Biasiotto; Dave Hoff Interview - Curt Dennis Jr.; Westside Barbell: Deadlift Training - Louie Simmons; RAW United Nationals - Spero Tshontikidis; Power Research - Team MuscleTech; NASA Natural Nationals - Rich Peters; Power History: Westside Barbell Club - Ron Fernando; All Time Top 50: Men 242 Total - Michael Soong; All Time Top 50: Women 198 Total - Michael Soong; Power Nutrition - Anthony Ricciuto; Ask the Doctor- Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale; Coming Events; Unclassifieds; Power Stuff; Power Photo of the Month - John Gamble