Powerlifting USA Magazine

MAY 2010


The NFL's Strongest Man, Chris Snee, stays strong with the guidance of lifting coach Joe Carini.


Chris Snee - Steve Downs gets up close and personal with the NY Giants Pro Bowl guard and uncovers just what it takes to earn the title of the NFL's Strongest Man, Specialty Bars - Louie Simmons details the differences between specialty bars and how each unique design can improve your lifts, Don Blue - Ron Fernando ponders the complicated life of the troubled inmate and world champion lifter, Rehab/Prehab - Deric Stockton writes about the importance of an Active Recovery Program and how it can help prevent and heal injuries, Andy Bowen Interview - Ben Tatar, Floyd Givens Profile - Randy Cairns, Trunk Strength - Donnie Thompson, Mike MacDonald - Judd Biassiotto, Extreme Crash Diet for Powerlifters - Scott Mendelson, Golden Rules of Bench Pressing Raw - Richard Weil, Startin' Out: Biceps Power - Doug Daniels, Belly Toss Bench Press - Ron Fernando, Power Research - Team MuscleTech, 100% Raw World Championships - Paul Bossi, Power Nutrition - Anthony Ricciuto, All Time Top 50: Men 242 DL - Michael Soong, All Time Top 50: Women 198 DL - Michael Soong, Ask the Doctor - Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, Coming Events, Top 100 Photo Page - Mike Lambert, Top 100 220 lb. Rankings - Mike Lambert, In Memory of Will Morris - John Shifflet, Power Stuff, Power Photo of the Month - Dr. Arnold Nerenberg